A Birthday Love Letter

Happy Birthday Love Letter
A Birthday Love Letter

Dearest (Wife),

“I” is not a word that you say very often. You’re humble. You’re strong. You don’t ask for much. In fact, to ask for a simple glass of water is upsetting; you want to get it on your own. You don’t want to inconvenience others. It’s too much. I do get it. You are tired of being cared for. You are tired of asking. I do all the running around and as crazy as it may sound to some, you want that. So I can have a rest. If you could have anything for your birthday, I bet you would want to care for others – to do the giving for a change. An extravagant vacation is not what you want most. Sure, it sounds great. But you’d settle for much less; to have life’s simple pleasures.

To just enjoy the many things that most people take for granted; things you probably took for granted yourself, before. And even my ignorance existed for years. Now we know better. Now we can show our boys a better way to view the world. We can teach them to enjoy every moment, to make the most of every occasion, to experience life to its fullest, and to give. School doesn’t teach you those things. Watching it lived out everyday does; each and everyday, in a classroom led by mommy and daddy. Even if all we’re able to accomplish in this life is to raise two good boys, it will have been worth it.

But go tell that to the world. And they’ll laugh. “Rubbish!” is what they’ll say, “get on with your life.” But what they don’t understand is that this is our life. We had a different plan, but it didn’t work out. I know something better is in store for us. A date set by God; a path not entirely clear at the moment, but that will leave us with more blessings than we could ever imagine. That’s my prayer and that is my hope. One day very soon, you and I will experience a joy beyond your husband (name)’s wildest imagination.

You deserve it. I hope and pray you will get it.

Your loving husband,