Anniversary love letter

Anniversary Love Letters
Anniversary love letter

Dear (name),

(number) years ago today I promised to be your lifelong companion. I knew it would be an adventure, our union, but never could I have imagined building entirely new lives together.

From time to time you ask me “Why do you love me?” and I usually answer quickly and without a lot of thought. Loving you is so automatic now, so ingrained in who I am that I forget there was a time before you.

Why I love you comes to me in little reminders every day. Helps remind me how important it is to frolic and how easy and natural it is for you to access that part of yourself.

Sometimes my love for your comes in the spectacular occasions where you always seem to shine. The way you prepared for weeks, researching, writing, practicing and enjoying the idea of giving such a unique gift to someone you love, captured who you are to me. Flamboyantly generous, inventive, ridiculously silly and always at the perfect moments – larger than life pure fun.

I know you were surprised to hear me confess this year a desire, finally to start a family. The feeling surprised me too. Somehow the maternal urge got hidden away – seemingly inaccessible. But little by little, as my love for you and trust in us has grown these past seven – really nine years, that part in me is ready to come out. I know that if we do have children, you will be a tireless and fantastic parent. It’s a side of you I’ve already seen in your care for (name) and another reason I feels so grateful and lucky to be married to you.

Wherever our next adventures take us, I want you to know how deeply I love you, how happy I am just being with you and look forward to the lifetime of experiences we’ve yet to create.

Your Wife (name)