Apology Love Letter

Apology Love Letter, Im sorry
Apology Love Letter

May your body relax without reluctance, arms and eyes gracious for the encounter, may the physical reflect the comforting assurance reaching out as the searched soul within becomes vulnerable.

May liability transform into conscientiousness as concision directs desire for renewal.

As sincerity expresses shortfall may experience of the heart assure apology’s healing grace within and without, identifying both reason and affect of situation.

May there be enjoined solitude of remorse as the hurt acknowledged flows between two people captured as an opportunity. May your receptiveness to expression of hurt be integral in the exchange as you hear the words “I was wounded by your action.” May simply receiving awaken understanding of humanity and our impact upon one another.

May growth come through the fruitful intimacy of apology. Acknowledging new life skills to prevent future harm, may the scar remind vigilance to come alive in relationship.

May this gift of apology refresh, enliven and embolden you, leading to original paths of personal freedom, sure knowledge of positive choices.