Famous Love Letters

Famous Love Letters
Famous Love Letters

I would not touch your face with my hand
I would touch it with the cool white flat of a turnip half
encased in a tennis ball half
so it looks from the outside
like a tennis ball has gone half of the way through your cheek
that’s a new way to kiss

and I place a tinfoil hat atop your head
and you are posing for a very short movie
of you staying still
looking at the inside of your eyelids
and feeling the cross section in your mind

I would not stand on the wall
you can and do not
we are lying on the grass
all the king’s horses and all the king’s men are looking for us
but they are standing on us
they are weightless

I would not break the ice
along the edge of the diver’s mask
frozen lung pairs cooled into submission
and a party of loons in the floating caboose
glowing along the distance
a staring crab necklace
locked in time shortly to drown
in library display
I love the ice