How to kiss in different Countries

In Austria, with his comrades rather kiss once on each of her cheeks in any order.

The Germans were just kissing with close people, with the rest – limited to handshakes.

Also coming in the UK, where even a handshake is sometimes replaced with a nod.

In the Netherlands agreed to kiss three times: first in the right cheek, then on the left, and then – again in the right. For the most welcome guests, makes an exception: the more and more of them kissed, the more love and respect for evince

In Spain, made rastselovyvat any slightest acquaintance, as well as all his friends and relatives if they ugorazdilo be nearby, and do it everywhere – on the promenade, shops and at work.

In France they kiss and all regularly. And if in most European countries at the meeting agreed to kiss on the cheek twice, the Parisians prefer to do it four times: start with the left cheek and turns to kiss both.

In Japan, China, Korea and other Eastern countries, by contrast, kissing, and generally show their feelings in public places is not accepted. And so in these places have special “Japanese kiss: to bend to each other, without opening his lips, to touch them for a moment and draw back, as if fearing that someone might see it.

Not welcome kissing in public and in India: it is not forbidden, but dealt exclusively with the personal lives of the spouses.

In this country believe that the exchange of saliva, people change minds.

But nobody will be surprised with kisses on the cheek in Afghanistan However, triple kiss the left cheek – it exclusively male.

Afghan women kissing on the street will not make one.

Hot Italians fear of unnecessary, non-romantic relationships kisses.

Kiss on the cheek they made only very close people. With the rest usually just a hug.

Among the national varieties released “Eskimo kiss”. It is said that the north is cold and the locals are afraid of frost-bitten lips,

and therefore a sign of welcome rub noses. In fact, this is – quite a complicated procedure: Take a look at each other.

Come to one another so closely that your noses touched. Spend a nose to nose partner.

The same should be done and it is. Blinked her eyelashes. Not tseluytes, but Lift the lips.

Inhale at the time when you decompress them.

Continue to decompress and compress his lips, inhaling the aroma coming from your partner.

Shakes noses. Nestle his nose to his cheek partner. Hold this position for at least half a minute.